Energy Medicine 101 and 102

Energy 101 and 102 Classes

This Class is for Everyone!

Would you like to learn the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a fun, supportive environment? If so, these two classes are for you! These classes will teach you how to tap into your subtle energy body and organize your foundational energies, resulting in a strengthened immune system, greater clarity, more vitality and less overwhelm.
You’ll learn basic exercises and techniques that are easy to use every day, for yourself or to offer your friends and family, empowering you to take your health care into your own hands!

You can attend EM101 independently, or attend both to add more advanced techniques in EM102. EM101 is required to take EM102. The information you gain from these two classes will help you feel and be your best.

You will Learn:

EEM basics plus many topics that are important for self-care and healing.
A quick Daily Energy Routine (just over 5 minutes.)
Simple exercises to balance your mental, emotional and physical health.
Ways to work and balance meridiansImportant techniques for pain management and stress relief.
Energy Medicine exercises for the eyes.
Energy Testing
EEM mini-session that balances and calms energy.

Cost: $175.00 / per 6 hour class. Register for both classes and save $50.00. EM101 is required to take EM102. Fee includes handouts and hands on work.

Innersource is approved by the NCBTMB as a continuing education Approved Provider (450052-06). Approved courses are labeled and the 6 contact hours may be used for required certification for massage therapist and some other professions. Check with your licensure ($10 fee per class.)

Contact Orenda Energy Arts to register and for dates and times of all classes. Call: (541) 621-7891 or contact us here.

“Empowering people with the tools to heal them-selves is my passion.” –Donna Eden

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