Sound Healing Sessions

Orenda, Walkabout Woman, LightHeart 105 - CopyTIBETAN SINGING BOWLS THERAPY

This ancient art of vibrational healing uses hand-hammered Himalayan singing bowls from Nepal. The resonance of the bowls creates positive brainwave states which accesses a peaceful mind, and promotes a powerful healing effect on the body, mind and spirit. Goals and outcomes include reducing anxiety and managing stress, reducing depression, lessening agitation, pain reduction, increasing energy, heightening awareness, and promoting an overall sense of well-being.


To experience a healing bowls session, clients rest comfortably lying down or sitting in a chair. The bowls are struck in deliberate sequences on, around or above the body, depending on identified goals and needs expressed. The bowls are struck with a mallet to produce a “ting” sound and/or rubbed around the edge of the bowl with the mallet to produce the vibrational ringing sound known as “singing”. Tones are heard as well as felt throughout the body providing alleviation of symptoms. The sound of the bowls is both captivating and calming. The pure vibrations of the singing bowls resonate with the optimal frequencies of the body and gently correct any blockages and imbalances. Verbal and emotional support are provided to facilitate positive and lasting change for participants.


• Stress & relaxation
• Depression & anxiety
• Cancer or major illness recovery
• Re-balancing one’s energy
• Insomnia
• Pain relief
• Emotional balancing

To schedule a Tibetan Bowls or Sound and Vibrational Healing Session with Karen Parnell, call Orenda Energy Arts at: (541) 621-7891 or email: You can also leave a question or comment using our Contact Form.


2 thoughts on “Sound Healing Sessions

  1. Hi Karen, Do you have any space in the 5:30 session on Friday for Group Sound Meditation? I just heard about you and I’d like to come with my friend Judy Little. I look forward to hearing from you. How much is a group session please. Thank You, Valerie

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