Singing Bowl Certification – Level III Comes to Medford!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get certified right here in the Rogue Valley.  This third-level class is typically only offered in Colorado.  So take a stay-cation and get certified right here in your own back yard.

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Energy Medicine 101 and 102 Classes

This Class is for Everyone!

Would you like to learn the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a fun, supportive environment? If so, these two classes are for you! These classes will teach you how to tap into your subtle energy body and organize your foundational energies, resulting in a strengthened immune system, greater clarity, more vitality and less overwhelm.
You’ll learn basic exercises and techniques that are easy to use every day, for yourself or to offer your friends and family, empowering you to take your health care into your own hands!

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“Energy Medicine became more of a valuable tool in my practice by attending Karen’s Class.” Student

“Karen went above and beyond to present a well-planned, caring and compassionate workshop. I’m looking forward to studying with her again soon” Student Laura Winslow, Medford, OR

“I have a clearer understanding of how meridians work, how to apply this knowledge in everyday life and how this can be integrated into my massage practice.” Student

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